Darby (queen_of_you) wrote in shitly_speakers,

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awesome group

Hey I just joined and I must say that this is the perfect group for me. Ever since about 8th grade (5 years ago) I haven't been able to speak very well at all. To get my point across is next to impossible and I stutter and mumble all the time. Even when I just talk to friends. I'm sort of known as the one who cant talk. Anyways, I'm so glad I've found this community and I hope that'll pick up soon!
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Son of a bitch!
Be quiet, it's a woman.
I do say, this is a group less about our aural limitations and consternations and more about a collective locution we carry the standard for. It's a little bit Don King, a little bit Controlled Substance. I certainly do understand where you're coming from with the mumbly jumblies. I've suffered them my entire life along with an ear malady that disallows me many other's utterances that could be rated valuable. I also fall prey to another disability that, in conjunction with my inability to carry across a point, makes it rather difficult for me to communicate with other humans; I am rarely able to have a point to get across. I'm much better these days than when the problem first surfaced, some months after conception. I think this is a welcome. Also, we ask for nude pictures of all new members. So, you know, whenever you get a chance.