joe (nolegs) wrote in shitly_speakers,

How I craft support request letters. Saved forever in the 'speakershitly symposium refractorum'

Dear Sir or Madam,

I've gone through the FAQ you've got on Java applets not loading and found that my problem isn't to be remedied that way. I used a Microsoft troubleshooting page (;en-us;q168806) and found that all of their suggestions, quite similar to yours, have done nothing to fix my problem. According to their little test the 'scope' of my problem is site-specific though I'd not go so far as to say that but perhaps simply not an 'all web site' problem as the example they give seems to load fine while many other java applets (mainly yours) seem to fail. I don't even get the familiar grey square simple an empty image box with that triangle-circle-square icon (the cousin of the little red x). I know the problem is on my end but for the life of my I can't figure it out. Beyond the suggestions I've taken as mentioned above I am completely lost in the Java jungle. I don't know what to do. Any and all help (especially if it comes to some fruition) would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

I didn't sign it due to the fact that you never know where you enemies are, sitting in wait. A lesson I'm not attempting to go through again.
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