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shitly_speakers's Journal

The International Union of Shitly Speakers
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      Are you unable to distinguish your premise from your conclusion? Do you not even know what a premise is? Do you scoff at requests for background information? Are homonyms interchangable as far as you're concerned? Do you make up sources when pressed? Are you easily lost in your own complex sentences along with everyone else? Do you press on regardless? Do you lash out violently when your base argument crumbles?

      Well, my friend, it seems that you've found your home! A collective of those shunned by society for their inability to speak well, the International Union of Shitly Speakers is here for you to rant and rave for or against whatever tripe you damn well please. All within the safety of a community of like-minded individuals who, though they may try, won't be able to correct you because they're all just as hopelessly lost in the jungles of human language as you!

      Never again worry about comma placement. It won't matter! Never again wonder if you can pass horrible writing off as stylistic experimentation. It won't matter! Never again fear expressing yourself as tastelessly as you can. Because, yes, it won't matter!

This community was the brainchild of nolegs and emamio, though we take no responsibility for it or any of our actions from this moment forward.

aural masturbation, bad grammar, bad spelling, being cryptic, bibliophilia, bibliophobia, buzz words, catch phrases, comma splices, confusing others, corrupted vocabularies, despacialisation, despacialization, error creating, fanaticism, flawed argumentation, g.k. chesterton, gobbledy gook, grammatical errors, house style, hypercorrection, impressing people, improper english, improper sentence structure, james joyce, large words, lexeme splicing, living metaphor, mechanics, morpheme hacking, morphology, pedantic thought, prestidigitation, prose, prose-poetry, rhetoric, sabotaging arguements, underdevelopment