joe (nolegs) wrote in shitly_speakers,

Everybody likes hearing about dreams.

Last night I had a very fun dream. It began, as far as I can recall, with my waiting in line to get into an underground rave. It was to be in some sort of drainage tunnel/cavern. After conversing with some of the ravers about world politics (mainly about the silly people that see China as a sleeping dragon. . . exciting, I know) I finally got to go down this very cool tunnel. It wouldn't be cool normally but I can remember the design so well. The cement was very smooth looking. Almost like a marble. After going through this tunnel I realized this was no rave, it was a secret underground indoor soccer (or football, for our uninformed and sadly unAmerican peoples) game. This did not interest me so much so I went back outside and began to wander around some nondescript metropolitan district. This part is somewhat hazy, something like I heard gunshots and screaming so I ducked into a somewhat spooky and fully condemned diner. Rotten wood and broken tables sort of thing. There were two armed individuals there, a woman and a man in his late fifties. And stray animal zombies. From there it turned into the basic plot to any zombie movie with us attempting to barricade ourselves in, needing to fall back to just the kitchen area while losing the old man and planning a run to some safer and more easily defendable area. I woke up before we could do that but I did get to shoot a lot of zombie people and their zombie pets. It was an extremely vivid dream. The textures of the doors, tables, walls, underground soccer plazas; the chipping paint in the diner, rotting faces of the zombies, everything was so realistic. I haven't had a dream like that in a long time. Surprisingly I haven't taken in any form of drugs in a week or two (no psychadelics in months) so I can't really attribute it to that.

Also, a few nights ago I had a dream that I was abruptly awaken by aliens coming into my living room--I was sleeping on the couch that night. I don't remember anything else, just being scared shitless and waking up in the morning with a sort of fear hangover. There must have been something on TV about aliens that night and something on last night about zombies. I liked the zombie dream bunches. The alien thing was too fucked up and scurry. Since I used about sixty words too many and probably mispelled or misused half of those I dedicate this Shitly.
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